The projects we are supporting

The orphanage of Les Saints Innocents


Located in the village of Guilongou, the orphanage takes care of 135 children. Burkina framtid provides financial assistance for the education of children of school age.



CREN (Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education)

CREN takes care of children suffering from acute malnutrition.

Burkina framtid contributes to CREN's solidarity fund for the poorest.



Home Sainte Bernadette


The Home Sainte Bernadette is a home for young girls.


Burkina Framtid donations support classes for the girls who have academic difficulties, and contributes to the equipment of the Home's library.


Burkina Framtid is also helping to extend the vegetable garden of the Home so that the girls get a better diet.



CFAM (Women's Cooperative for the Promotion of Handicraft)


CFAM is a cooperative of women whose purpose is to promote women's handicraft in Burkina Faso by training its members, mainly in the techniques of batik, traditional bogolan and embroidery.


To escape poverty, it is necessary that these women have work.

Burkina Framtid wants to help CFAM promote its products.