The projects we have helped

Misola UPA (Misola Manual Production Unit)

Misola is a flour made from local products: millet, soybean and peanuts, as well as sugar and salt. The flour is used in the preparation of a porridge for the recovery of malnourished children.

In early 2005 Burkina Framtid helped finance the construction of a Misola UPA in Guilongou.

CFAM (Women's Cooperative for the Promotion of Handicraft)

Burkina Framtid supported a literacy project for 30 members of CFAM during a three-year period.

The orphanage of Les Saints Innocents

While Burkina Faso was suffering from famine in January 2008, and the reserves of the orphanage were exhausted, a donation from Burkina Framtid enabled the purchase of 100 bags of millet to feed the children of the orphanage .
Burkina Framtid helped to improve the playground of the nursery and primary schools of the orphanage by financing the construction and installation of an aeroplane-slide, a tourniquet, a climbing cage and swings. The work  was completed at the end 2008.
Burkina Framtid financed the purchase of two washing machines and a freezer in December 2008.

Sainte Bernadette Home

During the summer of 2009 Burkina Framtid funded vacation courses for the girls who had academic difficulties.
During the same summer Burkina Framtid helped finance the construction of a new dormitory for the girls. The decoration work was finished in 2010. The dormitory can now accommodate 50 girls.