About us

Burkina Framtid is a Swedish humanitarian association founded in March 2005 to help the underpriveleged children of Burkina Faso through local structures. Our priorities are health and education.


Burkina Framtid is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. It was registered with Skatteverket (the Swedish tax authorities) in Stockhom on the 6th April 2005 under the organisation number 802422-9182.


Our main aim is to collect money to help orphans, malnourished and poor children in Burkina Faso through the local congregration of the S.I.C. sisters.


This congregation of 350 local nuns has been existing in Burkina Faso since 1924. The nuns run orphanages, healthcare centers, centres for malnourished children, schools, homes for young girls fleeing forced marriages and homes for elderly women without support.


Burkina Future also supports women's groups and women's cooperatives.